For Consumers: Why Pre-Planning Is Important

Plan Within Your Own Timeline

Pre-PlanningFacing mortality is a process many wish to side-step until forced into making responsible decisions. Most adults find that the preplanning a funeral causes emotional difficulties; however, if the planning can be done at your own time table without the stress of grief involvement, than sound decisions as to the disposition of your remains can best be served. The other elements of preplanning such as financial costs, memorials, the disposition (cremation or ground burial) as well as the final arrangements all can be accomplished within your own time lines. Note that preplanning does not have to include pre-payment; rather, your decisions of what and how are more of importance than the respective advance payment for the funeral arrangements.

If you are considering or wish more information on how to prearrange a funeral, you should contact your area funeral director and set a time that you can sit down and explore your options. The funeral director can guide you through the prearrangement process and offer resources and alternatives while you are without stress or grief that overcast such decisions.

Preplanning can empower you (or family survivors) to answer questions relative to Final Will and Testament, or Living Will issues, which typically give directions regarding funeral service wishes, such as ‘Burial’ or ‘Cremation’. By creating a written account of your wishes in the preplanning stage, a funeral service contract can be created. The record may likewise include pre-payment, or payment plans or insurance products which will cover all related expenses. You will find that your professional funeral service director is prepared to serve your pre-needs to the fullest expectations when all involved are informed and prepared.